Anne Horel is a French multi digital artist born in 1984.
Video and GIF maker, collage artist, TV and Radio columnist, Anne is a social-media expert. Compulsive consumer of audio and visual stimuli, « Collage-with-a-capital C » is her favorite mode of expression. Weaned on television, video games, and the Internet, Horel is marked with the seal of channel-surfing culture, symptomatic of the generation that came of age in the apocalyptic wake of the Y2K bug scare! Anne masters digital iconography, she makes advertisements, videos and music videos.
A graduate with honors of the National Superior Art School of Paris Cergy, she was also selected for the Salon de Montrouge in 2011.
She does segments on the French TV show L’Œil de Links about Web 2.0 culture.
She joined Partizan as a Director in 2015.